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Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete
   Quick Facts:
ASIN : B00029QR7O

Manufacturer : 2K

List Price: $19.99
Binding: CD-ROM

Available Since : 2005-07-29
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Build the ultimate empire in an epic quest to rule the world.
This all-in-one collection of the original Civilization III and its two expansions is the perfect opportunity for Civ newcomers to experience the “greatest computer strategy game of all time.”
Negotiate, trade, conquer, and rule the world. The addictive Sid Meier gameplay gives you many paths to victory by combining diplomatic finesse, cultural domination, and sheer military might.
Enjoy the definitive Civ III experience. All rule changes, extra scenarios, rebalancing of units, special abilities, additional units, difficulty levels, incremental patches, and other game options wrapped up into one package.
Includes all Conquest scenarios, multiplayer modes, and 31 playable nations.
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